Things You Should Know About Endoscopy

An endoscope is a tube-like medical instrument with a light and camera on the end. It is used to diagnose and treat various medical conditions. During a mt pleasant endoscopy procedure, the camera records information that it sends to the doctor via a monitor. Want more information about endoscopy? Continue reading for important details.

Types of Endoscopy

An endoscopy procedure can be performed on most any area of the body. As such, the procedure is often named after the area of the body that is being treated. A colonoscopy, for example, looks at the colon while the bronchoscopy examines the respiratory system. These are just a couple of examples of different types of endoscopy you might need based on current health and medical conditions.

Reasons for an endoscopy

A doctor schedules an endoscopy procedure if he suspects a person has a specific medical condition but wants to be sure. The endoscope allows the doctor to look inside the body and can help him test tissues for cancers and diseases through a procedure known as a biopsy. The endoscopy may also aid a surgeon or doctor during a surgery or medical procedure by guiding him through the inside of the body.

mt pleasant endoscopy

Advantages and Disadvantages of Endoscopy

Doctors and medical experts agree the benefits of endoscopy far outweigh the negatives for almost all patients. Some advantages include:

·    Less invasive/faster recovery time

·    Reduced scars

·    Fewer complications than traditional surgery

·    Versatile

·    Reduced pain

Risks include:

·    Potential blood loss

·    Bleeding or infection at the incision site

·    Tearing tissue during the procedure

The endoscopy is a common procedure the doctor performs hundreds of times every year. It can save your life and prevent health problems small and large. Talk to your doctor to learn more.