Drug Abuse And Its Prevalence In Changing Times

Banning drugs internationally and placing severe repercussions on illegal drug usage and dealing hasn’t done much to hinder its prevalence. In contrast, illegal drug supplies have become rampant, giving even the youngest a chance to try their hand at the trend.

Are there specific people prone to drug abuse?

Drugs continue to be used by plenty of people of all castes and creeds across all nations. Maybe at one time, drugs were primarily taken by people seeking relief from their unfair life situations. However, besides medical aid, substance abuse harahan is a common societal trend, taken up by men, women, rich and poor equally.

substance abuse harahan

However, there is a marked increase in the usage of drugs by women, the wealthy, and the elderly. Surprisingly, there are individuals who resisted substance abuse in their growing years began anew in their older stages.

What is the reason for increasing drug usage among people?

There are umpteen theories to point out the specifics of drug addiction, but not a single explicit reason proving the same. It is challenging to pinpoint a singular basis for the ever-increasing rate of drug abuse. What began as a relief supplier from chronic pain is now a typical household commodity.

A closer look at the rising trend will reflect the source of its beginning. Stress, in particular, plays a vital role in nurturing various habits and increasing the vulnerability to adverse situations.

Stress can take the form of many variables. It could be peer-pressure, familial-pressure, work pressure, discrimination in various ways, and so much more. Whether it is earning money for livelihood or not having enough, changing lifestyles account for another stress factor.

It merely starts as a one-time use, but unfavorable situations may force the person to take to drug usage regularly.


The first step to anything always begins at home. Ensuring adequate home education and openness among the members to facilitate an open atmosphere of discussion is a perfect deal clincher. With parents actively, and sometimes passively, invested in their children’s lives, a balance between independence and dependence gets met healthily.