3 Barely-Known Tick Facts

When the weather is warm and people are spending more time out and about, ticks can find dinner just about anywhere. Ticks are little creatures that latch onto animals and humans and drink their blood. They can be found just about anywhere in nature and are notorious for their dangers, even though they are smaller than your pinky nail.

Let’s look at some facts that are barely known about these little creatures.

They’re Not Insects

Many people believe that ticks are insects, but they are not. In fact, they are actually considered arachnids – a category that includes mites, spiders, and scorpions. You’ll notice this if you look closely at a tick, as they have 8 legs and do not have antennae like many insects.

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They Need Blood

Ticks need to drink blood in order to survive and reproduce, which means that you are literally the reason they live. Some ticks only feed on certain animals, like the blacklegged tick, which mainly feeds on white-tailed deer, while others will find any meal satisfactory.

Ticks Love Dogs

One reason for tick control fort walton beach is to protect animals. Some species of ticks love dogs, including the brown dog tick, and they prefer to feed on dogs first and foremost. These ticks may be more prevalent in your home’s yard, so you should consider treatment and also check dogs often for ticks when they spend time outdoors.

They Latch for Long Periods

While many biting creatures simply bite and leave, ticks latch onto the body and will stay attached until they are done eating. They are able to lodge their heads into the skin and remain there for several days, during which time they could transmit diseases.

When you have ticks on your property, you need to handle them accordingly. Speak with experts to learn even more about ticks and how to keep them from biting members of your household.